Mount Pandim


April 2019 - Sikkim

Sikkim’s identity is distinct from India. ‘Absorbed’ into the country officially in 1975 the former Himalayan mountain Kingdom has a distinct and rich history.

Our visit in April was dominated by weather, which constantly changed, which is not something I’m used to in India where weather is very predictable. Face warming sunshine, bone-chilling snowstorm, impenetrable fog, blazing sun, even a little rain, we had it all.

The photos in the mountains were taken on our trek to Goecha La, a pass with breathtaking views of Khanchendzonga, the third highest mountain in the world. We spent two days in a tent as a snowstorm battered us and the yaks before getting up the next morning to be greeted by the most remarkable views.

After the six day trek we needed a bit of a breather and got just that in the Dzongu Valley, an idyllic forest area a few hours north of the state capital of Gangtok. The sunnier photos were taken there!