Power Looms of Burhanpur

March 2018 - Madhya Pradesh

An industrial town, historic sense of place

It sounded like a waterfall but I was in the middle of a residential block. Turning into a courtyard I saw two men, sat repairing a cotton loom in the sunshine. The sunlight that still could drew a line of contrast, shadow and bright light, the mid-afternoon had passed. The source of the noise was now obvious, I could hear the rhythmic thud of the machines at work, the waterfall was here.

Burhanpur has the largest power-loom industry in Madhya Pradesh and from what I saw, a large portion of its industry is small-sized, family run looms. As I walked on from this court-yard loom (kept running 24x7 by the four families that live above it) to the 'Black Taj' of Burhanpur (see the 'Monuments of Burhanpur' page) I saw more power-loom factories on the outskirts of the city, larger but hardly enormous and equally thunderous.